Focus Your Oral Health Care on Sedation Dentistry

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One of the most effective forms of dental health care available today is sedation dentistry. With sedatives, an individual can have complex and lengthy oral health care treatments given without the fear of pain or anxiety. Numerous forms of sedation exist to provide you with sensations of a mild calming effect up to complete unconsciousness. Listed below are a few of the sedatives in dentistry today:

General Anesthesia

– Often considered the strongest forms of sedation, general anesthesia is given to put a patient into a deep sleep so that complex procedures and surgeries can be administered. The good thing about general anesthesia is that an individual will not break from their sleep until the anesthesia has worn off.

Oral Sedation

– Oral sedation is administered through the use of a pill. Once a pill is ingested, a person can experience a multitude of sedation levels based on the dosage size. However, oral sedation typically must be done an hour before the procedure so it can fully kick in.

Intravenous Sedation

– If you’re interested in the sedative that is fast acting and can begin to work immediately, intravenous sedation can be given in which the sedative is directly administered into your bloodstream via a vein. This method is highly effective at giving the dentist the ability to monitor the level of sedation as need be.

Gas Sedation

– Gas sedation is one of the easiest methods of sedation and safe enough to administer so that a patient can drive themselves home after their treatment.

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