A Dental Bridge Can Replace a Broken Tooth That Was Extracted

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Healthy tooth enamel is tougher than your bones, but unfortunate situations such as a hard blow to the face can produce enough force to fracture the tooth enamel and even damage the pulp or tooth root. If this occurs, our dentist may need to extract the badly fractured tooth to prevent further health complications or discomfort. If a broken tooth needs to be extracted, we can fill the gap with a custom-made dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a single dental appliance that fuses a replacement tooth to two hollow dental crowns on either side of the dental gap, and the appliance will eventually attach to abutments formed with the cores of the two closest teeth. Dr. [dotor_name] an create these abutments by removing the tooth enamel layer so that what remains is the dentin layers that surround the pulp and root of each tooth.

Our dental team can then cast a detailed impression of the abutments and nearby teeth so that a professional dental lab can create your new bridge. Temporary crowns can protect each abutment until the dental bridge is complete

At your second appointment, our dentist can remove the temporary crowns and secure the dental bridge onto the abutments. For more information about replacing a severely damaged tooth with a dental bridge in Sherman, Texas, contact Marze Dental at 903-892-4531 today.